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Shenzhen Runzhi Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. (referred as RZT), founded in 2009, is a professional simulation solutions technology & service supplier that specializing in providing comprehensive technical support and training, as well as technical consulting services on the level of applied engineering of ITI SimulationX from Germany and OCTOPUZ from Canada. As being operation and marketing of ITI SimulationX/OCTOPUZ in China, RZT sells and publishes upgrade packages for the softwares, as well as providing training courses, technical support and engineering services.

RZT has a professional technical team consists of doctorial engineers with rich and senior experiences in engineering, as well as technical experts with in-depth theoretical knowledge ,from home and aboard. Our professionals are all from industries such as aeronautic, astronautic, shipbuilding, weapon, energy, automobile, high-technology, photoelectric and are familiar with the unique characteristics and needs of each industry. With such a strong skilled professional team, RZT has successfully accomplished some engineering consultation projects with great technical difficulties under timely pressure to its clients.

RZT always adheres to its concept of “scientific and technological innovation, integrity services and renowned clients first”; gives full play to advantages of talents, technology, marketing and supply chain services; continue to introduce products and services to adapt to the market, to meet customer needs, and strive to achieve the common interests of the company and its clients.